Different Lip Types

Different Lip Types | Find Out If You Have Sexy Looking Lips

According to Jean Haner, an expert in the art of reading facial features, we are born with a certain face for a reason:

“Each feature of our face gives indications on who we are and particularly the shape of our lips, which can reveal many clues on our friendly or loving relationships (Yes, you read it right !) and on our generosity. Discover which ones you have through the following list.”

— Jean Haner

*Of course, these explanations should be taken with a pinch of salt…


Thin lips have their charm, but a person with this type of lips tends to try to add volume. To make them look thicker, play with more than two shades of lipstick. You will create a depth effect from the center to the ends of the lips. You can also line your lips a little further from their actual line to add dimension.


One of the most seductive lips and are often the center of attention. If you’re a bold woman, opt for intense red tones to bring out even more volume. If, on the other hand, you want to highlight your eye makeup, choose a lipstick with nude shades.

Now let’s take a look at types of women’s lips and tips on how to apply lipstick flawlessly and get the most out of each type.


Girls who have lips with a pronounced cupid’s bow usually have a very flirtatious personality. This type of heart-shaped lips lends itself to almost any makeup style, but if you want to make an impact, we recommend using dark colors or a passionate red that will look amazing with the very defined shape of the arch of your mouth.


This type of lip means that the cupid’s bow on the upper lip is somewhat blurred. The cupid’s bow is always very attractive, so if you like to seduce, we recommend using a lip liner to give more definition to this part of your mouth.


Some lips have a lower lip that is smaller than the upper lip. This may sound strange, but it’s actually very attractive, as it’s a feature possessed by many actresses and celebrities who are considered the sexiest women. To apply makeup on this type of lips, opt for burgundy and brown colors in earthy tones that show your mouth more fleshy.


The person with medium-thick lips can luckily wear all kinds of makeup and look amazing. If you have this shape, don’t be afraid to explore nudes, browns, passion reds, pinks, and even shades like blue and green.


When a person has this type of lips, thick lips are observed especially in the central area, automatically creating a rounded cupid’s bow. These types of lips are very coveted, so take advantage of them with passionate or burnt red shades.


In people with wide lips, you can see that one or both upper lips appear quite long. Depending on the extent and size of your lips compared to the rest of your face, you can wear different types of lipstick. We recommend shades similar to your skin tone or an additional note below.


In this case, the shape of the lips is slightly or moderately curved downwards. This type of droopy mouth is usually accompanied by thin lips, but with nude or brown lip pencils and lip gloss, you can increase their volume and change their upward curvature if you wish.


These appear when both the upper and lower lip are slightly curved upwards. Most women with this profile have a small mouth, so pink and coral tones are recommended. 

Now that you know every shape of women’s lips, it will be easier for you to know how to make them look beautiful every time you apply your favorite lipstick.

And always remember, every type of lips is gorgeous no matter how you choose to put on your lipstick, lip gloss, lip balm, or not putting anything on at all!

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