Eyebrows On Fleek | The Easy, Natural And Fast Method

Eyebrows On Fleek | The Easy, Natural And Fast Method

Let’s all agree that for the last one or two years, the trend in makeup is to bet on the eyebrow line to have well drawn eyebrows, top and perfect. Simply “Eyebrows on fleek“.

Many roads lead to Rome, right?

To have on fleek eyebrows from the moment you get up until the moment you go to bed.
You can simply get them done permanently or semi-permanently at the esthetician.

For a less radical method, and less expensive, you can do your eyebrows using henna.
It is commonly called ”tattoo” and which fades gradually after a few weeks. Unlike the permanent and the semi-permanent cosmetic tattoos which last a lot longer.

Eyebrows tattooing…is not always cheap and safe!

The biggest issue with all of the mentioned options is that they cost a lot of money (80 US $ as a minimum to get the expected result at a good aesthetic salon that respects the health and safety rules and precautions -especially during the current context of Covid-)
These options also can also cause allergies, unwanted skin reactions due to the different products used during the process of tattooing.

If you are just as afraid as I am of the side effects of the (permanent or semi-permanent) options to get your eyebrows done, and if you are attached to these short hairs above the eye to such an extent that you would not want to see them getting radically removed, I have found a simple trick for you : Make them yourself! 

So how to make ”Eyebrows On Fleek” at a lower cost, in less than five minutes and especially make them look natural?

Before getting started, in order to get the perfect eyebrow line, you will need some accessories : A brow brush, brushes, concealer, and a pencil or other material that you usually use to fill your eyebrows (mascara, brow gel..).

And of course you have to follow the steps to the letter.

The 4 Easy, Natural And Fast Steps to Make Eyebrows On Fleek

Step Number 1: 

First, brush your eyebrows to tidy them up and straighten out any stray hairs. You should know that your eyebrows don’t necessarily need to be plucked to draw them correctly.

Always brush from the inside to the outside.. And for a more natural look, don’t hesitate to brush the beginning of your eyebrows upwards.

Step Number 2: 

Once your eyebrows are well straightened and before going to the line, you must first define the connection points. You must already have used the pen technique to define the beginning and the end of your eyebrows, haven’t you ?

In order to do this -the easiest way- take one of your brushes and position it at the beginning of your eyebrows along the inner corner of your eye and along the wing of your nose and place the first point.

Repeat for the second dot and run the brush diagonally across your eye and again along the wing of your nose and for the last dot run the brush along the outer corner of your eye and again along the wing of your nose.

Step Number 3: 

You now have your 3 reference points that you just have to connect in order to draw the line of your lower eyebrow.
Don’t forget to always start with the bottom and then the top line. After that you can fill in your eyebrows

For the more experienced, you don’t need 3 dots to draw your eyebrows. You can even roughly draw the bottom line as long as you always follow the natural shape of your eyebrows.

This is a golden rule,  and don’t worry about the result because the concealer is here to fix it.

Last Step

Whether or not you’ve drawn with the help of dots to finish your brows, you’ll need a concealer to correct it all.
It is the concealer that will give your eyebrow the “on fleek style”.

So this is where your brushes come in. With a concealer brush, apply concealer from the beginning of the eyebrow and not before (don’t go over the top between the two eyebrows).

Then blend with a blending brush all the way to the eyelid so that it blends naturally.

And you have well drawn you eyebrows and ON FLEEK !

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