Hair facts you -PROBABLY- didn’t know

Hair facts you -PROBABLY- didn’t know (+BONUS FACTS)

Hair and nails are the two structures of the human body considered to have no essential function. However, people often care more about these body parts.

For example, women tend to take great care of their nails and hair as they form an essential part of their beauty. Men take care of their hair and pray for a fresh haircut every time they visit a hair salon.

Here are some fun Hair facts that will definitely surprise you.

#1 Daily Hair Loss

Every day before going to bed you have lost 60 strands of hair and it is normal because this rate depends on various external and internal factors such as age, gender, pregnancy, diet, etc.

#2 Keratin

A hair is mainly made of keratin, the same protein that makes up horns, nails, feathers, or beaks.

#3 Real-Life Rapunzel

A single strand of human hair can support about two candy bars, so given that we have thousands of hairs on our heads, it may actually prove that the Rapunzel story is very doable in real life. You can check hair hanger artists on youtube, MIND-BLOWING performances.

#4 Body Hair Fact

We have as much hair on our body as the chimpanzee but our hair on other parts of the body is too fine to be seen. A fun body hair fact, isn’t it?

#5 Blonde Hair VS Other Hairs

A scientific fact proves that blondes have more hair than others. On average, the total number of hairs is about 100,000. But, blondes have an average number of 146,000, which gives them the highest number of hair among different people. They are followed by the black-haired people having about 110,000 hairs. The ones with the least number of hairs are the brown people having an average number of 100,000 hairs.

#6 Hair Lifespan

The lifespan of a single strand of human hair is around 4 to 7 years as it is not affected by any type of trauma or other relative facts.

#7 Ever Worried About Going Bald?

If you are afraid of going bald, then you are supposed to consider this fact, before you can realize that you are going bald, you should have lost at least 50% of your hair. This means that if and only if you lose half of your hair, you will start to show the signs of baldness.

#8 Hair Is Not Alive

Your hair is dead! Hair is divided into two parts: the root, which is the living part inside the scalp, and the exposed shaft, which is biologically dead.

#9 Indestructible YET Flammable

Human hair is almost indestructible but it is flammable. Human hair is less vulnerable to trauma, it is resistant to corrosion by acid, water, extreme cold, the climate in general, and other natural forces. This is the reason why hair strands accumulate in your bathroom pipes every day and eventually clog them.

Bonus Facts

  • The rate of hair growth varies depending on many factors, including seasons and age. Overall, the average is 1 to 1.5 cm per month.
  • Black is the most common hair color. Red hair is the rarest and affects only 1% of the world’s population.
  • Your entire past is stored in one hair!
    Hair is one of the most reliable types of forensic evidence since it contains information about everything that has been in your bloodstream, including drugs and medications.
  • The scientific name for split ends is trichoptilosis.
  • The density on your head per square centimeter is 150 to 200 hairs.

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