How I treat my Face Skin?

How I treat my Face Skin?

Skin is the mirror of your health” we all want that naturally glowing skin which is the result of a proper skincare routine and commitment. If you focus on healthy skincare, you won’t need any makeup. Invest your time in your skin, which is going to make you feel beautiful and bold.

If you do not have time for a skincare routine, don’t worry, we got you. By acing a few basic practices, you can get naturally glowing and healthy skin.

Just keep scrolling to know the nitty-gritty of having beautiful skin.

I – Drink Water

Water for the skin is as much necessary as it is for life. Drinking almost eight glasses of water purifies your skin and reduces impurities. This is what you do not have to spend money on, water delays the ageing process leaving your skin youthful. Water curbs the puffiness of your skin and improves the skin tone. It does not only make your skin glow but also betters its elasticity.

Keeping your skin hydrated, water preserves natural oils of the skin and provides relief from skin-related issues such as eczema.

II – Protect your skin from the Sun

One of the most vital recommended ways to treat your facial skin is to avoid direct sunlight. Direct exposure to the sun leaves scars, dark spots and patches on your skin.

Always use a sunscreen with an SPF 15 at least, even if it is cloudy, apply it generously before going out and reapply it after two hours.

Try to avoid sun rays between 10 AM to 4 PM when they are the strongest and cause skin cancers and eye problems.

III – Wash your face

For glowing and flawless skin, it is vital to keep it safe from chemicals. Thus, remove your makeup before you go to bed. Wash your face twice a day with warm water and cleanse it before going to bed and after leaving the bed in the morning. Gently massage your skin while washing but avoid scrubbing. Cleansing removes extra oil and dirt from your face skin while giving you smooth and clear skin.

IV – Manage your Stress

Stress is one of the top reasons to fade your skin: when you are anxious body starts secreting Cortisol. The intensive production of cortisol hormone causes our skin to drop its glow and diminishes its ability to retain its moisture. It causes the production of oils, eventually acne, wrinkles and line development.

V – Regular Exercise

For glowing and youthful skin, exercise is the key. When we do exercise, our blood starts circulation to every cell of the body. This activity provides an instant glow and makes our skin heal itself faster. Another benefit of exercise is that it reduces stress and anxiety, keeping regulated cortisol level.

VI – Healthy Diet

Your skin reflects what you eat: if you drink, it shows in your face; if you eat oily food, you get pimples. If you eat healthy food, your skin will look glamorous. Eat a lot of fruits and green vegetables that provide essential nutrients and proteins to your skin.

Keeping carbs and fats low in your diet helps you to get radiant and healthy skin.

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