How to clear ACNE up?

Very annoying and sometimes painful, acne can also be disabling socially and hold you back.

RegardElle brought you a list of the most effective solutions to clear acne up and finally make peace with your skin.

Deeply cleanse the skin

With acne microsurgery, deep cleansing is a specialty of dermatologists. To prevent lesions from turning into pimples, or even indelible scars, experts say that it is essential to cleanse the facial skin.

In addition to topical (local) or drug treatment, acne microsurgery also compensates for the rebound effects of certain drugs such as isotretinoin (the molecule of ex-Roaccutane). How often? Every two weeks, or even every month if the acne is not that bad.

Moisturize your skin

When you have acne, sebum becomes enemy number one. However, moisturizing ensures the hydration of the skin by reinforcing its hydrolipidic film. By dint of stripping it, it causes the skin to produce more sebum and provokes sensations of discomfort.

Topical medications and treatments are very aggressive. This is why it is always necessary to associate a moisturizing cream known as a compensatory cream that repairs, relieves, and ensures long-term compliance with treatments,” say experts. Moisturizing cream is also likely to reduce acne.

Maybe it’s time to change your foundation!

Some formulas contain pro-inflammatory mineral pigments,” warns Dermatologist Dr.Durosier. The more the foundation is covering, the greater the risk. A clue? Instead of being localized on the jaw like most late acne, pimples swarm wherever you put the make-up. Choose a specialist product and remove it carefully. I would recommend Dermablend from Vichy- based on my very personal experience-.

Stop fiddling around

We know it: touching your pimples is never a good idea. Neither is touching your healthy skin. “Pimples form in a context of humidity and heat that cause inflammation. When you press your hand on your face for several minutes, you block circulation to the area and promote the creation of imperfections,” explains expert dermatologists. Obviously, dirty hands don’t help. They make things even worse.

Try to manage your stress

The studies are formal: 60 to 70% of women who have acne have a higher level of stress than others.
Psychological disorders and emotional shocks are also thought to play a role in causing unusual androgen discharges. Of course, there are no miracle solutions to stress, but trying to reduce things that add pressure to your life, can improve the situation.

Multiple ways can help you prevent and relieve stress: from exercising to lighting a candle to spending more time with your family and friends. You can get creative with this one!

Calming the fire

When you notice that the acne flare-up is aggravated during menstruation, you can prescribe antibiotics during the week of menstruation only. Their role will then be more anti-inflammatory and the dose will help preserve the intestines,” suggests expert. Dr. Catoni. A course of zinc can be added, to be taken in the morning on an empty stomach for two to six months.

Without the inflammation, the large red pimples will disappear. Only the blackheads remain to be removed with a keratolytic treatment.

Take the fast track

Treatment in the office can avoid six months of antibiotics,” assure dermatologists.

  1. First: the infrared laser, which heats the sebaceous gland to curl it so that it produces less sebum.
  2. Second: a laser tuned to a superficial wavelength to unclog and tighten pores.
  3. Third: anti-inflammatory red and blue LEDs that destroy the P. acnes bacteria responsible for acne.
  4. Best option: combine all three.

The only (also BIG) downside of this very effective solution? These methods are expensive and non-refundable.

Scrutinize your diet

Evidence is still lacking, but the professionals are convinced that diet does influence the condition of the skin. The latest studies have shown that sebaceous glands have insulin receptors. Sugars, especially rapids and those with a high glycemic index, are therefore partly responsible for acne.” But other foods are also in the line of fire: Such as pro-inflammatory milk.

Rather than suppressing everything, Dr. Catoni says: “Keep track of your diet when pimples appear. That way, you’ll know which foods are causing the discomfort.

Following these steps, you’re putting all the chances on your side to prevent AND get rid of acne!

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