How to Cut Your Own Long Hair || With Tips AND Mistakes to Avoid

How to Cut Your Own Long Hair? | With Tips AND Mistakes to Avoid!

Going to the hairdresser is already a source of anxiety for many of us, let alone a DIY haircut.
We don’t even think about it!
And yet, cutting your hair yourself is not so difficult, as long as you adopt the right gestures and the right tools.
Discover the right moves that will help you cut your own long hair.

The right tools to use for the new long haircut

To succeed in this task that is usually entrusted to a professional, you must first have the right tools.

Whether you have short or long hair.
Equip yourself with a pair of scissors that cut well (this is obvious, but it’s always worth remembering), a comb and a mixed bristle brush.

Cutting your own long hair and its ends

Once you have the necessary tools at your disposal, wash your hair.

Never cut on dirty or oily hair. Use a detangling conditioner, wring out your hair well and part it down the middle with a fine-tooth comb.

Ideally, stand in a well-lit room or daylight with two mirrors : One in front of you and one to the side.

Use hairdresser’s scissors (available on specialized websites or in supermarkets) to avoid marks on your hair. The idea here is to remove the most damaged ends.

Start with the left side by combing your lengths, hair perfectly detangled.

Stop the comb just before the damaged ends, and cut, with the scissors at a perpendicular angle, all the strands that stick out from the comb.

Cut in small, slow-motion movements, like shears in slow motion. After cutting, comb through again to see if it’s straight enough and move on to the other side.

Cut your own hair in layers

Want to add style and volume to your hair by giving it a nice layered look?
Make a horizontal parting on the top of the head, connecting one ear to the other.

Pull the hair forward.
Tie with an elastic band at the front of the face.
Gather your hair with two fingers at the chin, then cut straight (staking).
Let go and enjoy your brand new DIY layers!

Cutting your long hair bangs

If you want to cut your bangs and shorten them by a few millimeters, you can also do it yourself.
Brush your hair, and isolate the strands that cover your forehead. Then place the comb under the hair, without pulling too much, at the desired height and prick slightly with the tip of the scissors (Place them perpendicular to the fringe to cut the ends and obtain a more natural effect).

Mistakes to avoid when cutting your own long hair

It takes boldness and courage to cut your hair yourself, but be careful because hair accidents happen quickly!

Here are three things to avoid if you decide to cut your long hair.

Going too fast

Take your time. If you move too fast you may make a mistake and regret it later. And hair growth isn’t magic. So take a breath and cut a little at a time, checking the lengths at each step.

Don’t want to have notched bangs? Then take a good look at what you’re doing and it will be perfect!

Being too ambitious with your cut

If you’re reading this article, then you’re obviously not a hairstylist, so if you’re looking to achieve a complex and elaborate cut, it would be wiser to go to a professional.

If you just want to cut your bangs, your ends or make good looking-layers, in other words maintain and/or simply shorten your hair, then go ahead without hesitation!

Use an old pair of scissors

As the saying goes: A Workman is Known by His Tools. In this case, having good scissors (as mentioned before) is essential to do a clean and precise job.

Even if your tools are not the most expensive or most professional hairdressing tools, you need to make sure that they cut properly.

Here’s a little tip that’ll help you check that : cut a small strand of your hair, if the blade deflects your hair to the sides instead of cutting it, no need to tell you what to do next: Change The Scissors!

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