how to improve your sex life

How to Improve Sex Life | Spice up sex life

YOU want to know How to Improve Sex Life, YOU want to give your sex life a little boost and you don’t know where to start?
You don’t have to be suffering from sexual problems to want to improve this aspect of your life. In fact, most long-lasting couples would like their relationships to be more satisfying.
Follow these simple tips and see the change.

Schedule sex

Many people say their sexual relationships are more satisfying after spending some quiet time alone with their partner.
Do you remember the beginning of your relationship and the butterflies in your stomach just before meeting your partner ?

Rekindle that feeling! Meet somewhere (don’t go together) and spend some quality time together.

Take the initiative

Who makes the first move in your sexual relationship?

Very often, it is the same person who takes the initiative in the couple… Is it you?

In this case, let the other person come to you. On the other hand, if you never make the first move, it’s time to reverse the roles because you’ll choose the time and the way you like it.

Get a lock for your bedroom door

If you have children, you are likely to have them come into your bedroom while you are having sexif it’s unlocked-. In which case, it would be hard to relax and enjoy!

The solution?

A simple lock will do wonders for your privacy.
You can also explain to your children that they should not enter the room when the door is closed.

Turn on the lights and forget about your complexes!

Don’t be too hard on yourself, you know your partner likes you, so relax and enjoy.

If you don’t dare to turn on the light, make love in front of a mirror or try positions that make your curves stand out… Be uninhibited!

Adopt lube

Lube isn’t just for women with lubrication problems, and there’s nothing to stop you from using it regularly. Try it for penetration, discover new sensations, and have fun testing different tastes and textures.

That’s one little thing that can make a big difference.

Send erotic messages

Put new technologies to work in your erotic games.
Send a message to your partner detailing everything you want to do when they get home, or send a sexually explicit photo to stimulate their imagination.

How about a sexting session? Sex 2.0 is here!

how to better your sex life
how to better your sex life

Talk during sex

It’s not about having long conversations while you’re having sex, it’s about improving communication during sex.
Tell them what you like, how you like it, and if you want your partner to increase the intensity or speed. Are you able to talk erotically?

You will then access a new sexual dimension and spice up your sex life.

how to boost sex life
how to boost sex life

Use sex toys

Sex toys aren’t just for replacing your partner:

These accessories allow you to discover a new way to enjoy yourselves together. Are you new to sex?

Start with lubricant and massage oils or dare to use a vibrator to massage the whole body, insisting on the erogenous zones of each of your bodies…

Never fight in bed

A basic piece of advice in couples therapy:

Arguments should not take place in the same place as your intimate life.

Certain mechanisms make us associate emotions and situations, which is why it is very difficult to have sex in a place where you have been arguing with your partner.

Make your bed and bedroom a sacred place, entirely dedicated to rest and love.

And last but not least..On How to Improve Sex Life!

Keep in mind that you –probably– have been living with him for a while, with all the complicity and trust that this implies.

So don’t hesitate!

Listen to your own desires and share them with him.
He will be flattered and excited.
Simply tell him : About positions, caresses, accessories..
Be curious and above all, remain open to his proposals.

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