HOW to avoid and relieve neck pain and stiffness?

Kinked Neck Remedy – How To Relieve Neck Stiffness?

If you have neck pain and feel your neck is stiffer than usual, and looking for Kinked Neck Remedy, this article is for you! 

Frequently linked to bad posture, neck pain can quickly become disabling. It is possible to make this discomfort disappear or to relieve it by following the simple methods explained below.

But first, what does neck stiffness exactly mean?

Neck stiffness can be defined as a reduction in mobility in the cervical spine. It is a very common syndrome among people who spend a lot of time in front of the computer or driving, but it can also affect all people of different ages. 

A neck pain associated with a stiff neck often leads to muscle spasms, difficulty moving the head, and sometimes even headaches. 

Symptoms of neck pain with stiffness in the nape of the neck can diminish within 1 to 2 weeks. However, the mechanical causes of cervical stiffness remain, potentially leading to recurrences.

It is therefore important not to let this pain linger and to consult an osteopathic physician, who is able to act on the cause of this neck stiffness.

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The causes of a stiff neck (according to the experts in the field) 

Cervical stiffness is often characterized by muscular stiffness, but it can also be of joint origin. 

Most of the time, the causes of neck stiffness are benign: 

  • A muscle contracture is often painful and leads to a loss of cervical mobility
  • Osteoarthritis tends to reduce the mobility of the cervical region 
  • Cartilage or vertebrae damage 
  • Damage to the intervertebral discs 
  • Nerve compression in the cervical region can cause neck pain 

Health experts divide benign neck pain and stiffness into two categories:

Acute neck pain or torticollis 

It is this famous sharp pain that we feel when we get up in the morning after having slept in a bad position.

The torticollis is characterized by intense pain, which occurs suddenly, and significant cervical stiffness. It is an acute syndrome, which generally does not last more than a few days. 

Chronic neck pain 

It lasts over time and often radiates towards the skull, the shoulders, or between the shoulder blades.

The cause of chronic neck pain is often arthrosis, but a bad daily position can also lead to chronic neck pain.

Sometimes neck pain can be symptomatic of a serious underlying condition and require medical management.

HOW to avoid and relieve neck pain and stiffness?

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✔️ Massage the back of your neck 

Sitting or standing, pinch the skin of your neck between your thumb and forefinger, gently stretch it and roll it between your fingers. 

You can pinch deeper, taking in both the skin and the muscle. 

Work on the entire painful area and its surroundings for about 5 minutes. Do not hesitate to massage the whole area around the pain.

✔️ Stretch the neck

Sitting on a chair or a stool, back straight and shoulders relaxed, left-hand holds the seat of the chair. Put your right hand on your left ear and pass your arm over your head. Slowly tilt your head to the right while pressing with your hand. Hold this stretch for 7 seconds and do this movement 7 times on the same side. 

Do the same movement on the other side. 

Always start with the side that is not painful and do not force the sensitive side.

✔️ Strengthen your neck 

Standing or sitting with your head upright and shoulders relaxed, take the two ends of a large towel in both hands. 

Place the middle of the towel on the top of the head, pull the towel down with both hands. The neck muscles must resist the pressure. Hold the position for 10 seconds and try to repeat it 10 times. 

Do the same by placing the towel under the chin and pulling it upwards. Then place the middle of the towel on the forehead and pull back with both hands. Hold the position for 10 seconds and, again, repeat 10 times. 

Do the same by placing the middle of the towel on the back of the head.

✔️ Relax your neck 

This is a yoga position (to be done lying on a mat), it allows you to relax the upper back, the shoulders, and the neck. 

Raise your legs vertically, feet together and legs straight. 

Place your hands under your lumbar vertebrae and lift your buttocks off the floor to perform a handstand. 

Hold the position for 90 seconds with your legs straight. Slowly lower yourself back down, concentrating on your breathing.

TO PREVENT (Also as a Kinked Neck Remedy)

If you are often in front of a computer, sit in a way that does not strain your neck: the screen at eye level, feet flat on the floor, sitting comfortably at the back of the chair.

Avoid sleeping on your stomach.

Avoid long car journeys and, if possible, opt for a vehicle equipped with a rearview camera.
You will then be able to park without having to do any contortions that could be traumatic for your neck.

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