How To Style Leggings | Can You Still Wear Leggings in 2021

How To Style Leggings | Can You Still Wear Leggings in 2021

The legging is often pointed out: not dressed enough, not adapted to all morphologies, too “cheap“… And yet, it belongs to the category of the essential basics.

If it has so bad press, it is because the drifts have been numerous since its official release: too often confused with pants, it was worn as is, with short or tight tops.

Its opacity has directly placed it as an excellent alternative to tights and we could see it associated with mini-skirts or micro-shorts, often in denim, a little too torn and not always of the best taste…

Without forgetting the many prints that stung the eyes. We decided to give it the place it deserves by detailing how to wear it the right way while summarizing the mistakes not to be made.

Who can wear leggings?

The legging has no age limit, it is one of the only clothes that you can wear from childhood to adulthood, it is however demanding in terms of silhouette.

It is rather adapted to the fine morphologies or those which do not have imperfections such as the orange skin, the cellulite, the arched knees…because it lets all glimpse.

But don’t panic, if you have a voluptuous morphology you can also wear it. It will suffice to choose it well: in a thick enough material, a little sheathing. Worn with a flowing and loose top it will make you look great. It is a real basic that can be worn at home, for work, or during a sports practice.

Leggings will take up little space in your closet and will be slipped on in no time during your daily dressing.

Essential leggings and combinations

The classic legging

They are black, plain, made of cotton or synthetic material most often, classic length, and with an elastic waist. If you want to vary and limit the black, prefer a neutral and rather dark color like charcoal gray, it will be much easier to compose outfits around.

Prefer loose-fitting and rather long tops, especially not crop tops or tight and short tops, just balance with a rather voluminous piece.

You can wear a chic version with a shirt, heels, and a blazer that will cover your buttocks.

For winter: a coat, a wool sweater, a shirt underneath, heeled boots, and wool socks that stick out. Very feminine with all these layers of clothing. Plus, as it is tight, it is warm!

Leather or faux leather leggings

By far my favorite, it is timeless, it gives a rock side at will. You just have to put on a loose tee-shirt and it’s done. Or even wear it in a sportswear version with a sweater and sneakers.

You will often find them in fake leather, be careful that the result does not evoke too much plastic. Prefer matte to a shiny effect and do not give it more details: we avoid colored stitching, sequins, or rhinestones in addition. In short, we remain sober!

However, you should not wear it with a leather perfecto, it is too much!

The Jegging

It is a mix of jeans and leggings. It is precisely the success of the leggings that gave the idea to manufacturers to opt for this hybrid model.

The Jegging will have a more worked aspect than the style leggings: buttons, closures or even pockets and it is, therefore, easier to wear with shorter clothes.

You can wear it with a blouse or a shirt that you can tuck inside while thinking of accessorizing the set. It can easily replace skinny jeans.

Stay with neutral colors such as classic or raw denim blue, gray, or black.

The cocooning legging

It will keep you warm during long winter evenings. Choose it preferably in wool, you can wear it with thick socks, a camisole with a thick knitted cardigan over it but rather in loungewear or for a trip to the forest on the weekend!

The sports leggings

With sports leggings life seems simpler, color, prints, Patnacourt … everything is absolutely allowed. The only constraint is to choose a material suitable for physical exercise: the famous technical materials.

They will let your skin breathe more easily, you will sweat less and you will be more comfortable. In general, they are materials with a shiny aspect.

The unforgivable mistakes to style leggings

The legging with the denim mini-skirt

As we do not assume to wear the mini-skirt, bare legs, or with tights, we say to ourselves that a legging will allow us to wear it without complexity and without feeling embarrassed by the insistent looks. The idea was good, I grant you, but not viable. Opaque tights are a much better alternative…

The leggings with borders

As it was too sober, we wanted to disguise it and we added lace, rhinestones, frills, as much as 6 years old it’s cute but adult it’s NOT.

The “cheap” associations

If you buy a pair of ballerinas shoes in imitation leather and a sweater in acrylic and that you associate them with your leggings, we can say that you like the risk!

The legging is demanding, it does not support the bottom of the range, so you will have to be very careful.

The white legging

It is an invention that should never have been born.

The excess of casual

As leggings are practical and from time to time we feel the need to drop a little ballast on our outfit: sneakers, sweatshirts … we leave the casual “controlled” and we get a real “carefree look“, it lacks only the greasy hair and that just takes the cake.

If you want quality style leggings but can’t afford to go to an American Apparel type store, think about online clothing clearance but also about sportswear stores, they are generally less expensive and more resistant because they are made of smart materials.

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