Top 5 Things to Do to Prevent a Shiny Face

Top 5 Things to Do to Prevent a Shiny Face

Let’s be honest: No matter how good our genes are, there are going to be certain days where your face is shiny – and not in a good way. 

If you want to get to the bottom of your shiny skin without having to wash your face every 5 minutes or hide it with excessive amounts of pressed powder, here are some great tips to help you out!

You’ll probably find that none of that is going to work anyway.

Top tips to help keep your face shine-free

In no particular order, here are some helpful tips to help keep your face free from shine and still healthy!

Invest in an oily skin facial cleanser

The facial cleanser that you choose is going to be critical! 
For daily cleansing, get a product that is going to be an oil-reducing one.
It’s designed for oily or greasy skin, so it will gently cleanse your skin while preventing excess amounts of oil. 
Perfect for those that want to start their morning off right!

Invest in a great exfoliating product:

A few times a week, try to exfoliate your skin properly.  This is going to help unclog your pores and regulate your oil production. You can even find oil-reducing exfoliating products!

Focus on oil-free moisturizers:

Did you know that a shiny face can be made a lot worse just based on the moisturizer that you use?
The oil interacts with the moisturizer and creates that slick shine you hate. 
So, if there’s one tip that you want to focus on in this list it’s this one: Get an oil-free, or matte-finish, moisturizer.
Not only is it free from any oils that make your problem worse, it also is going to give you a beautiful glow without that shiny feeling.

Steer clear of oily foundations:

You may already know that makeup isn’t a great option for those with oily skin, but it actually comes down to starting with the right foundation, literally!
Avoid any that are thick or creamy with oil bases.
Opt, instead, for a lightweight liquid foundation or even a powder one, as these are much healthier for the skin.
As well, you can get great foundations to match your skintone that are oil absorbing, too.  Invest in it ,as it’s well worth it!

Find a mask that helps clear your pores:

When you want to combine pampering with a great shine-stopper, there are face masks literally designed just for it.
Go for a beautiful face mask that is going to help clear out pores and reduce your sebum (aka: facial oil) naturally.
It’ll help drastically reduce your face oil and also give a dewy glow that is so well-loved by those who prioritize proper and healthy skincare!

All of these are going to help you both prevent, and deal with at the moment, a shiny face.  Remember, it happens to everyone out there (even the celebrities), so don’t stress about having a greasy day. 

Just rely on these products to help nip the problem in the bud and give our face a treat at the same time!

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