Losing Weight And Treating Cellulite with Cryotherapya

Whole Body Cryotherapy | Losing Weight And Treating Cellulite with Cryotherapy

Everything was frozen during the lockdown: the economy, our social ties, our bodies, and souls as well. But some things are better when they’re frozen!
This is the case of cryotherapy, this post-lockdown cold therapy that will do you a world of good.

Why is this so?
This cold treatment technique helps prevent recurrences of pathologies and is used to treat muscular and rheumatological pathologies, it is also used to reduce chronic pain.

Everything is designed to promote blood circulation and accelerate the body’s recovery.

The best news is that cryotherapy can also be used for weight loss AND treating cellulite.

Losing weight with Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy makes the body lose weight simply by burning calories. Lowering the temperature during a whole body cryo session (the temperature can reach -170°C) forces the body to activate its defenses: increase of the metabolism and burning fats to keep the body temperature constant. Thus the body can burn an average of 800 calories in a few minutes during a cryo session.

How does low temperature make you lose weight?

The number of calories burned will depend on each person. It is, therefore, possible to lose weight with the cold; this is the case in cryotherapy and it is also the case during an outdoor workout session in winter.

Losing weight with cold therapy will only be relevant if the process is combined with other more traditional measures: a balanced diet, regular exercise, and a healthy lifestyle.
It is evident that losing weight with cryotherapy is not one of the main benefits of this treatment, but it can be considered a beneficial side effect of this type of therapy.

Cryo with a healthy lifestyle

In addition to losing weight by freezing during the session itself, cryotherapy will bring many benefits: reduction of stress that can be responsible for snacking, improvement of the quality of sleep, increase of the metabolism, and more.
Cryotherapy will indirectly help people who are willing to improve their lifestyle in order to lose weight.

Cellulite treatment with cryotherapy

For a person who has already taken control of their lifestyle, cleaned up their diet, and exercised regularly, there may still be a barrier to weight loss: CELLULITE! In certain areas of the body, cellulite tends not to disappear despite a healthy diet and regular exercise, and this is where cryotherapy can help.

Cryotherapy is effective for stubborn fat that has been sitting in the adipose tissue forever. This treatment is a good alternative to liposuction because of the fact that it is not an invasive technique.

Cellulite treatment with cryotherapy
Cellulite treatment with cryotherapy

How does cellulite cryotherapy work?

Cryotherapy for cellulite consists of killing fat cells with ultra-low temperatures. The dead cells are then drained and eliminated by the body. It generally takes several weeks for the elimination process to be complete.

There are three types of cellulite: adipose cellulite, aqueous cellulite, and fibrous cellulite.

Aqueous cellulite, as its name indicates, consists of water retention in fat cells called adipocytes. In the case of adipose cellulite, it is fat stored in the adipocytes. Fibrous cellulite is a longer-term evolution of adipose cellulite: the cells end up hardening –cellulite that has been in the body for a long time.

In the case of adipose cellulite and fibrous cellulite, it is necessary to rebalance the diet and to encourage regular exercise, but these measures are not always enough to dislodge cellulite, especially in the case of fibrous cellulite. This is where cryotherapy can be used as part of a complete program to eradicate cellulite.

What does effective cellulite cryotherapy look like?

For cellulite cryotherapy to be effective, it must be applied locally and selectively. Because fat cells are more sensitive to cold than other cells, cellulite cryotherapy does not cause collateral damage. A cold-generating electrode is applied to the area to be treated.

Conditions and duration of Cryotherapy for cellulite

Cryotherapy for cellulite is not painful overall but creates an unpleasant sensation at the beginning of the session. Then, the cold brings its analgesic effect and all the sensation of pain disappears.

Generally, in terms of cellulite and cryotherapy, a single treatment for each area is sufficient. If the volume of adipose tissue is important on a single area, two sessions may be required, in which case they are spaced several weeks apart. It generally takes one hour per session, depending on the number of areas to be treated and the size of the fatty tissue in each area.

Final Thoughts: THE LIMITS of cryotherapy for weight loss and cellulite

Cold slimming is a good idea, especially when it comes to cellulite treatment. It is estimated, according to experts, that a 20 to 40% reduction in the mass of treated fatty tissue is obtained after a few weeks.

However, cellulite under the buttocks cannot be reached by this method and therefore requires an invasive technique.
Likewise, losing weight with ultra-low temperature is not effective if you limit yourself to cryotherapy: without an appropriate diet and regular exercise, fats will be stored in the adipose tissue and the cellulite will reappear.

Briefly, slimming by cold remains a good recourse within the framework of a global weight loss program.

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